Some people brake for garage sales. I brake for blackberries. Last week, on my way home from a walk, I spotted wild Himalayas hanging near the edge of…

July 2022

My athletic mom achieved four hole-in-ones. But my stroke wasn’t on the golf course.

June 2022

It was Sunday morning and my husband’s birthday. Only four months earlier he had left me for heaven. In the first stages of grief, I remained seated…

May 2022

This week I conquered a corner of my closet. Giving those size 10 jeans and anything medium to my granddaughters was way overdue. So was passing on my…

April 2022

The Marines may be looking for a few good men, but God is not so fussy!

March 2022

How vital it is to build our house, our life, on a firm, secure foundation!
The only Americans eating raw fish in 1976 were the hapless fraternity pledges required to swallow a live goldfish. But I was in Japan, where normal…

February 2022

My dad’s joyous observation will be a dim whisper compared to God’s at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.
“Now hear this! All hands hit the deck!” My father’s voice boomed up through the floorboards, from his ham radio shack in the basement directly under my…

January 2022

As brand new missionaries we were eager to meet our Japanese neighbors. I baked homemade banana bread and we toted the loaves to the nearby houses in…

November 2021

I was born cold. Like a heat-seeking missile, I am drawn to heaters, fireplaces, and bonfires. I not only preheat the oven for a batch of muffins, I…
How can we, regardless of the number of laps around the sun, increase in wisdom?